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Oklahoma Wrongful Termination

We have all heard the stories where employers have unfairly terminated employees. Of course there are two sides to every story, for this scenario it’s the employer versus the employee. There are a zillion reasons why an employer may decide to terminate a worker and depending upon the state they are in, will determine how the termination process is handled. The Oklahoma wrongful termination cases can be filed based on a number of different reasons.

Today, we must work in order to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. Most employees arrive at work on time and are prepared to perform the tasks that are necessary to be done for that day. There is always that inevitable in which the company could close its doors or be sued for an unknown reason. Losing one’s job is extremely depressing and can possibly cause financial hardship.

An example of an Oklahoma wrongful termination case is when an employee is consistently doing what they are expected to do, is never absent, follows the proper procedures to request time off from work and then one day is unexpectantly, terminated. It is an extremely shocking experience for one to go through. Being terminated for a reason that one believes to be untrue, being discriminated or due to a worker’s compensation claim being filed is unjust, unethical and immoral. These are situations in which legal counsel should be sought.

There are both Federal and State laws that protect employees from certain actions that employers can take against an employee; these are usually wrongful terminations due to discrimination and due to an employee submitting a workers compensation claim. The Federal and State laws prohibit the termination of an employee of a “protected class”. A Protected Class are those of age, race, gender, disability and sexual orientation; many times these are the reasons for Oklahoma wrongful termination cases to be heard.

If an employee has been injured while working and submits a worker’s compensation claim, which employees are allowed to do, the employer cannot terminate the employee simply because of the claim. Perhaps the employee did not notify the employer in a timely manner or perhaps management was advised of the injury but no medical care or follow-up was given to the employee. The Federal American Disabilities Act protects the worker if suffered an injury while on the job and the injury results in a temporary or permanent disability.

When being confronted by management that the employee is to leave the premises and not return as an employee, especially if the employee has not done anything wrong and there is no valid reason for the employee to be terminated, the employee has extremely mixed emotions both about the employer and themselves. Legal help is available, there are law offices who can assist in Oklahoma wrongful termination situations; one office is that of Mr. Bobby Briggs. The Bobby Briggs Law Firm understands both the State and Federal laws and that wrongful termination can be a State and Federal violations if an employee is truly wrongly terminated. Mr. Briggs can be contacted by phone or a request can be submitted through their website.